Computer Services

Computer Repair ➤

Does your computer have a dead hard drive? Do you think you might have a computer virus and you want to remove it from your computer? You've come to the right place! From viruses, dead hard drives, RAM upgrades standard repairs, hard-ware upgrades, adding RAM, replacing mother boards, using email and other software configurations, removing viruses, software installs, we do it all!

Are the keys on your laptop computer sticking or even fallen off? Does your laptop computer screen have a crack or is it dimming? We can help! We have replaced hundreds of laptops, notebook computer screens, keyboards, and CD / DVD optical ROM drives, and we even fixed the broken computer power jacks over the years.

Keep Your PC Running Properly ➤

If you are looking for fast, immediate computer services and repair, B And R Auto Accessories is ready to help. Our staff works together, combining many years of technical experience to solve your computer problems. Our experienced technicians have the background necessary to service most obsolete or discontinued models as well. Why scramble for help when your equipment fails? When high-tech help is needed, you can rest assured that the highly skilled employees of B And R Auto Accessories can handle all your problems.

We can find the cause of crashes, lockups, unusual slowness, or Internet problems. Our services also include software repair, virus and spyware removal, and physical cleaning. Choose optimization for faster computer speed and better performance.
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