FBI Director Wray says over 200 suspects identified in US Capitol riots

“We know who you are if you’re out there, and FBI agents are coming to find you,” Wray said during an inauguration security briefing at Federal Emergency Management Agency headquarters in Washington with Vice President Mike Pence.

“My advice to people who might be inclined to follow in the footsteps of those who engaged in the kind of activity we saw last week is stay home,” he added. “Look at what’s happening now to the people who were involved in the Capitol siege.”

Inauguration security

Wray also said the FBI has “confidence” in its preparation and security surrounding the inauguration next week.

Key arrests so far from the Capitol riot

“Our posture is aggressive. It’s going to stay that way though the inauguration. So in that vein, we and our partners have already arrested more than 100 individuals for their criminal activities in last week’s siege of the Capitol and continue to pursue countless other related investigations.”

Wray did warn that the FBI has been seeing “extensive” chatter surrounding the inauguration, adding, “Together with our partners we evaluate those threats and what kind of resources to deploy against them. Right now we’re tracking calls for potential armed protest.”

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