Creating Financial Runway to Start a 7-Figure Business

Growing up, Bola Sokunbi had some serious financial influence from her parents. Her father would tell her “Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish” while her mom showed her the importance of being an independent woman who could financially stand on her own. They both influenced her to become the financial author, mentor, and teacher she is today with Clever Girl Finance.

Bola split her youth between Europe and Africa, and when given the chance to go to college back in Europe, her mom cashed out her retirement savings to give her daughter the gift of education. Bola worked through college and graduated with zero debt! She then went on to live in New York City, making $54,000 a year at her first job, which to her, was like getting a million dollars!

As she saved up to buy her first home and later started investing in more growing assets, she saw her friends who made 3x her salary, spend all their money on designer handbags, expensive dinners, and luxury apartments. She knew she didn’t want to be surrounded by financially irresponsible people, so she distanced herself from those friends, and began her journey to FI.

Now, Bola has a business pulling in six figures every month! She teaches women how they can start investing, have financial confidence, and live life on their terms.

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In This Episode We Cover

  • The importance of education, even in today’s world
  • The great sacrifices Bola’s parents made for her to be successful
  • Starting side income streams so you can invest and save more
  • Selling the investments you don’t feel comfortable with, and why everyone doesn’t need to be a landlord
  • Saving a massive financial runway before quitting your full-time job
  • Starting Clever Girl Finance and her new book The Side Hustle Guide 
  • And So Much More!

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