Seton Hall’s Bryce Aiken boasts he ‘ain’t never missing’ a free throw, promptly misses two

Politicians lie. Statistics can lie. But ball? Ball don’t lie.

Seton Hall’s Bryce Aiken was perfect on free throws this season entering Wednesday night’s matchup vs. UConn, so, of course, he’d be feeling himself a bit at the line. In the second half of the game, Aiken went to the line for two free throws, and made a bold proclamation: “I ain’t never missin’ this.”

*Extreme Maury Povich voice*

Well, the lie detector determined that was a lie. 

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What is equally as poetic as the ball taking Aiken’s words personally is Aiken standing at the line and staring at the rim after the second missed shot. The whole sequence is just *chef’s kiss.*

Aiken had was a perfect 23 for 23 on free throws this season, missing nearly a month of time while dealing with ankle and knee injuries, returning to the court Wednesday night. In his college career, Aiken is a very good free throw shooter, averaging 85 percent from the charity stripe.

It just seemed to be a bad night at the office for Aiken, as those would be the only two free throws he would attempt.

Aiken, a redshirt senior, transferred from Harvard to play in his home-state school in the 2020-21 season. The Pirates are now 13-12 after losing to UConn on Wednesday night by a score of 69-58.

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