Seahawks’ interest Richard Sherman could be to irk Russell Wilson, per report

The Seahawks may be teaching a masterclass in pettiness.

Earlier in the week, NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero reported that the Seahawks were open to bringing back “Legion of Boom” founding member Richard Sherman, saying that the veteran cornerback would be open to a Seattle return.

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While, on its surface, it’s a fit that seemingly works given Sherman’s history with the team and the departure of cornerback Shaq Griffin in free agency, ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio details that there was an ulterior motive to the report: Seattle’s interest in Sherman is strictly an attempt to peeve and prod quarterback Russell Wilson, with whom Sherman has a contentious relationship.

“While there’s a chance everyone involved is ready to let bygones be bygones, one league source tells PFT that the Seahawks are allowing the flirtation to be fueled as both a jab at Wilson’s current discontent — and as a reminder that the team weeded out those players (like Sherman) who had a problem with the way Wilson was treated by management,” PFT says.

In February, Sherman tweeted a zipped-lips emoji in response to the budding drama between Seattle and its star quarterback.

In 2018, Sherman revealed that he and Wilson weren’t on speaking terms, saying that they were simply teammates and nothing more during their time with Seattle. The two exchanged jerseys after a 49ers-Seahawks matchup in 2019.

Sherman, currently a free agent, has been rumored to be attached the Saints for a potential reunion with former coach Kris Richard, now with New Orleans.

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