Unhinged Hannity Attacks ‘Limousine Liberal Socialist’ Seth Meyers: ‘Not Funny, Ever’

Hannity flipped out Thursday over Meyers’ criticism of him, calling the comedian a “limousine liberal socialist hypocritical asshole” and imagining what would happen if his house was broken into:

What if, and I hope this never happens to anybody, unfortunately there is evil in the world, really bad people in the world. God forbid if someone breaks into your home. I hope it never happens. Or someone else’s home and wants to bring harm to you and your loved ones, what are you going to do, Seth? And don’t say you are going to call the police. Because guess what? It’ll be too late. There’s a lot of defunding of the police that you and your friends support.

Hannity took particular exception to Meyers’ description of him Wednesday as sociopathic.

“You use the word a lot. But you’re just another limousine liberal socialist hypocritical asshole who does nothing but spew anti-GOP hate and has virtually nothing positive or productive to add to any political dialogue,” ranted Hannity.

“You have zero credibility, zero integrity, zero interest in what the truth is,  especially about complicated issues,” Hannity added. “And that is why very few people watch your show. And you’re not funny, ever.”

Meyers has not responded to Hannity’s comments.

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