Letters to the Editor: The GOP hates vaccine passports. So now it’s for women’s right to privacy?

To the editor: As I read the article about GOP opposition to a vaccine passport, my blood began to boil. Republicans are portraying it as a “heavy-handed intrusion into personal freedom and private health choices.”

Imagine being a woman. Our uteruses are controlled in many states, as are our “private health choices.” And guess what? Pregnancy is not a communicable disease, unlike COVID-19.

While I’m not sure I support requiring the use of vaccine passports, I’m very sure I support a woman’s right to privacy in her own healthcare choices. My choice to use birth control or get pregnant, or terminate a pregnancy, is not contagious and should not be controlled by the GOP.

Patricia Kattus, Encinitas


To the editor: There’s no need to get in a tizzy over vaccine passports. Everybody is issued an official vaccination record card; just take a picture of it with your phone.

I took it to the next level and sent an image of my shot card to a custom T-shirt company, so now I don’t even have to get my phone out. Sure, it cost me $25, but if wearing my shot record on my chest gives Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) a case of the vapors, it’s worth every cent.

Jamo Jackson, Perris


To the editor: Because at some point we will reach herd immunity, vaccination passports will no longer be necessary, so we can set a definite expiration date for their use, right?

I suspect there will never be an expiration date.

There are a multitude of medical procedures and tests that can be “encouraged” through passports. All of them will improve our health, reduce costs and therefor reduce insurance premiums, and give us other benefits that we will be told make them necessary.

They can be added one by one, each such a tiny, tiny imposition, with no foreseeable end.

Ray Hogenson, Sun Valley


To the editor: GOP legislators want less government involvement in our lives, so they oppose vaccination passports, increased banking regulations and gun control.

But, they do want to legislate who gets to use gender-specific bathrooms or play gender-specific sports. They want to limit voting access, birth control and abortion.

Vaccine passports allow businesses to make decisions that serve their bottom lines and enhance public safety. Perhaps someone can provide me with the GOP rulebook, because I am confused.

Wendy Winter, Altadena

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