The Our Legacy and Stüssy Collection Is Back—But Going Fast

In August of last year, Our Legacy, the Swedish brand beloved for its sly, delightfully irreverent send-ups of traditional menswear, dropped an inaugural collaboration with West Coast skate label Stüssy. The collection—produced entirely out of upcycled fabrics through Our Legacy’s Work Shop sub-label—hit all the high notes dominating fashion:. A nostalgia for the easy silhouettes of the ’90s and a deep desire to dress up…but in a less strict way than in pre-pandemic times.

Now the Our Legacy and Stüssy team-up is back. Jockum Hallin, Our Legacy’s co-founder, likens it to a sophomore album that brings better “flow, bars, and beats.” The silhouettes are equally big. The spirit is equally funky. There’s a boxy double-breasted blazer. There’s a trio of leather vests, one of them in a fuzzy, delightfully unhinged shearling. There’s also a grip of easy-wearing spring staples—the type of fare Stüssy has been churning out with panache since the brand’s beginning.

And the fabrics, culled from residual deadstock material found in both Our Legacy and Stüssy’s warehouses, follow through on both brands’ ongoing commitment to waste as little as possible. 

With Stüssy, Hallin notes, Our Legacy works “to create things you want to wear everyday.” Provided you can get your hands on the lot of it before it’s all gone, that’s exactly what you should do.

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