Black Republican Texas Governor Candidate Allen West Outraged Over Wife’s Arrest

Texas gubernatorial candidate Allen West, a Black Republican, and his wife, Angela West, spent part of their Sunday (Aug. 22) denying that Angela had any alcohol before her DUI arrest on Friday (Aug. 20).

Angela West said in a statement that she only had water and lemonade at dinner on the night that she was pulled over, according to Dallas’s WFAA-TV.

According to the police, an officer pulled over West because the cop “had reason to believe the driver was intoxicated.” West failed a field sobriety test and was taken to the Dallas County jail. While in custody, authorities took a blood specimen, but the results were not immediately available.

Angela West argued in her statement that she was stopped for failure to use a turn signal. West told the officer that she had suffered an aneurysm that would likely cause her to be “a little off balance” for the sobriety test.

She said the cops took her to jail and left her young grandson, who was in the care with her, with another officer until his parents picked him up.

She also claimed to have taken a breathalyzer test, but the police could not confirm any information about that test, WFAA reported.

Authorities released her from jail after an arraignment on Saturday morning.

In a video, Allen West berated the police.

“I support the thin blue line, but this is insidious,” he raged

“I am beyond livid,” he added. “I’m telling you something, the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office, the Dallas police chief — I want an explanation for this.”

He posted the video to Twitter.

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